TEMPUR Contour Select

TEMPUR-Contour Select is one of the firmest products provided by the company. It comes from the Contour product line. The feel is described as extra firm. However, the manufacturer says that although the mattress is extra firm, it is still comfortable.

The mattress is composed of two layers, a base and a comfort one. It stands at 10 inches high and created with the help of the Tempur material. It comes in all sizes and with a 90 day trial. If you decide to keep it, a 25 year warranty takes place.


Extra firm feel, but still comfy

The mattress is a perfect solution for people who like to sleep on firm beds. Although it is firm, it still provides the comfort needed for a good night sleep. The main positive aspect is that firm beds provide more support for the body during the night.

No pressure and no heat

A very common problem is that with most mattresses there are pressure points, which evolve into disturbed sleep. Here they don’t exist and also there isn’t any heat production.

Guarantee and 90 day trial

No matter how many Tempurpedic reviews you read, your opinion is still the most vital. The 90 day trial is a great way to develop one and if it is positive, you can take advantage of the 25 year warranty.



Some people just like to sleep on hard surfaces, which this mattress perfectly provides. The issue here is that after some time, the firmness goes away, according to some customer opinions.

Pain doesn’t go away

The mattress doesn’t help people with pain related problems and even more, some people have complaints that they actually experienced the feeling of pain, when using this product.

Chemical smell

The new material is achieved with chemical processes, which causes odor.

Perfect for people who like firm beds!

This product is extra firm and is made exactly for people who really prefer such beds. The price also puts it among the top solutions in this product line.

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