Westin Heavenly Mattress Review, rating and comparison

Westin Heavenly is a popular US based bedding brand which offers all bedding accessories while their mattresses and box spring products are exclusively designed for Westin hotels. The mattresses are also available at few retailers across United States for other customers. The innerspring mattresses are available in 5 different sizes including California King, King, Queen, Full and Twin.

Westin Heavenly Mattress Features

The mattresses and box spring tops by Westin Heavenly are designed with plush and pillow top construction to provide ultimate luxury, comfort and support. The innerspring mattresses are generally made up of pocketed coils which are effective in reducing motion and make the mattress couple friendly. For most of their mattresses, the thickness is 13 inch along with pillow top.

Health and Benefits

Westin Heavenly mattresses offers average back and body pain relief which is also not rated as its major strength. If bought with other bedding accessories from Westin, their mattresses showed better customer satisfaction and health benefits. The mattress is also good for people with sweating issues and can significantly reduce tossing and turning.


The Westin Heavenly mattresses are generally praised for their comfort and affordability. The mattress also shows average pain relief potential with some customers praising its effectiveness for pain relief while others, especially those who are facing sagging issues with older mattresses complained about body pain. One of the most prominent and praised features is their motion isolation ability.

There are also no complaints about off gassing or unpleasant odor like many other mattress brands. Even though, the pillow top is made up of thick foam, there are no complaints of sweating issues or heat build-up. The mattresses are also friendly for all sleep styles including stomach sleep. Even though, noise is major problem in innerspring mattresses, but there are not many complaints about noise which indicates quality construction of inner spring coils. The design is also no-flip design but timely rotation is required for longevity and durability.


One of the most common complaints is about development of sagging as almost 25% users reported development of sagging within 3 years of use. Another complaint is about lack of options when it comes to firmness level as it is available only in one firmness level that is medium firm. Few customers also claimed that the mattress becomes softer as time passes.

Price Range

The price offered by Westin Heavenly is competitive if compared to other innerspring mattress manufacturers. The price ranges from $100o to $1900. For $200, users can also purchase a foundation.

Lifespan & Warranty

Within three years, there are significant complaints of sagging. The warranty offered on their mattresses is also 10 years non prorated but few customers claimed that they do not cover sagging issues. Even though, the return policy is offered for only 90 days but it is only offered by one retailer, Nordstroms which also charge 15% mattress price while other retailers offer no return policy. If bought online from the store, users can return the mattress within 30 days.

Westin Heavenly Bed

The mattress is used by Westin hotels and manufactured by the popular bedding brand, Simmons Beautyrests. Available in 4 different sizes, the mattress provides users an opportunity to enjoy hotel style luxury comfort in their bedrooms. The mattress is available in push pillow top design to provide an ultimate luxurious feel. The mattress also comes with 10 years of warranty.


The mattress is rated as soft, plush and sturdy. According to one customer, the mattress provides ultimate softness and comfort even after the use of 5 years. Some customers claimed that they had the same feeling as they were staying in the Westin hotels. Customers are also pleased with the comfort and luxury it offers. It also helps customers sleep deep in the night and wake up fresh in the morning.


There are few complaints about the durability of the mattress. Few customers complained that the mattress started forming depressions and permanent body marks after 1 or 2 months of use. Few customers claimed that the foam starting to sag immediately after the use. Few customers claimed that the mattress is extremely hard to sleep on while others claimed that the cost is very high while the value provided by the mattress is not satisfactory. Some customers claimed that the mattress looks like a box spring construction but it was actually wood frame with a plywood top that looks like box spring construction.


Most customers claimed that they had the same experience as they had in the Westin hotel. The mattress is pricy but it offers a great value for the price. It looks like a great fit for the customers looking for hotel style bedding in their bedrooms if they are ready to spend some money. The comfort and luxurious feel is also praised by customers but there are also few complaints about durability.

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