Jamison Mattress review

Jamison is a renowned US bedding brand established in 1883 which is known for their handcrafted bedding. The brand also sells mattresses to local market and commercial customers including popular product lines like paradise collection, Jamison collection, hospitality collection and TLC collection.

Customers can choose from 20 different models from Jamison collection alone. The brand is used commonly in Marriott hotels while Hilton Hotels are also picking them up.

Jamison Mattress Features

Most of the Jamison mattresses are made up of foam, memory foam and gel infused foam. The brand sells all firmness levels from firm to ultra plush. Most of their models used steel innerspring to provide good cushion and durability.

Their mattress models also include stretch knit cover, safe slumber fire retardant system and comfort pad. Customers can also find mattresses manufactured using different materials which include latex, linked coil, memory foam and foam.

Health and Safety

Most of their models are designed to provide pressure points relief that ultimately translates into relieving back, neck and hip pain. It is also easy to move around and gel infused memory foams also keeps the bedding cooler. Jamison bedding also promises to reduce turning and tossing due to heat buildup.


The mattresses from Jamison are praised for their comfort and luxury. One customer claimed that the depression their memory foam creates is not easy to adjust at first but after few days when you get used to it, the mattress becomes most comfortable bed you ever slept on.

Another customer vouched for its durability as it didn’t change even after 15 years of use. The construction is also praised as it is rated mostly as well-made. Few users with back pain issues also claimed that they have experienced betterment in their condition after the use of Jamison mattress.


Few customers claimed that the Jamison bed is not customer friendly as tit shakes when one of the person moves on it. The weight is also heavy as you need at least two people to move it around but some lighter mattress models are also available. Few customers claimed that the mattress started to sink after use and created permanent body impression.

Some users also claimed that as the mattress started to sink, they started to experience back and hip pain. All in all, one of the most common complaints is about rate of depression which is in some cases more than a inch after the use of 2 to 3 years.

Price Range

As there are many different models made of different materials, the price varies for each model. For example, the mattress commonly used by Marriot hotels in their rooms is available for $2,050 on Amazon.com.

Lifespan and Warranty Terms

On most of their products, Jamison offers 20 years limited warranty which includes non-prorated first ten years and prorated later 10 years. Some of their models also offer less warranties like Brockton which comes with only 1 year non-prorated warranty while Daventry model offers 10 years of warranty.

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