Sleep Science Mattress Review, rating and comparison

Sleep Science is a popular mattress brand which is owned by South Bay International. The Sleep Science mattresses are commonly sold by Costco. The brand sells bedding accessories which include mattresses, pillows and toppers. Their popular product lines are Black Diamond, Dream, Ara and Emma. The sister bedding companies also owned by South Bay International are Motion Trend, ViscoKidz and Advanced Sleep Technology. The company was founded in 1993 as strategic business partner of prominent bedding retailers and manufacturers.

Sleep Science Mattress Features

The memory foam used in sleep science is manufactured at the company owned foam manufacturing plant in China. The ultra flexible foam used is durable and provides great support. Some of the models are made up of two layers of different materials for better support and comfort. Most mattresses also come with luxurious poly cotton blend mattress covers. The level of firmness is excessive in most of their models.

Health and Safety

The mattresses are designed to provide back pain relief to users. The memory foam adequately contours to the shape of body and makes sure to encourage healthy sleep posture. It also relieves pressure points and relaxes body for deep night’s sleep. The mattresses not only eliminate motion transfer but can also conform to body to provide proper spinal alignment.


The reviews and customer feedback about sleep science mattresses are general positive with an overwhelming response in company’s favor. The range of products and variation in prices offered by the company is praised by most users. The pain and stress points relief potential is also praised as many customers claimed they can feel less or no pain after the use of sleep science mattresses. As the memory foam easily molds or contours to the body movement, it evenly distributes body weight resulting in lesser pain and healthy sleep.

It is also friendly to all sleep styles including back, side and stomach sleeping. The mattresses can also absorb motion effectively which makes them couple friendly. There is a moderate feedback about heating as few customers claimed their mattresses resolved sweating problem while a minority of users found them slightly hot to sleep on. There are also no complaints about noise while moving.


In few cases of less costly mattress models, customers complained about development of body impressions and mattresses getting soft after three years of use but higher priced models have no such issues. Some customers also claimed that they find it difficult to move on the mattress due to the use of higher density memory foam. Few users also claimed that Sleep Science is not for people who like ultra soft firmness level.

Price Range

The price varies significantly with models and size. The price ranges from $280 to $2200 with an extra $200 to $400 if you also want to buy foundation. Other commonly reported issues are heavy weight and unpleasant odor.

Life Span & Warranty

For most of their products, Sleep Science offers 20 years of warranty. The return policy offered by Costco for Sleep Science mattress is also customer friendly.

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