Best pillow for side sleepers

Sleeping on your side is a common sleeping position and also one that naturally balances your spine (in curve) and neck especially if assisted with the right pillow. But there is also a drawback, as your skins ages quickly due to gravity. It is also a bad posture for healthy blood circulation. But if you have chosen a right pillow that is appropriate for side sleepers, you can bring the best out of your sleeping style.

A good pillow for side sleepers must fill the gap between the ears and the outer side of shoulder. This keeps the body in right balance allowing healthy blood flow and prevents posture pains. Firmer pillows with good support to head, neck and shoulders are recommended for side sleepers.

Popular Pillows for Side Sleepers

Most pillows can work effectively for side sleepers but buckwheat and memory foam are often rated negatively on review websites. Some of the top and most positively rated pillows for side sleepers are listed below.

Feather Pillows

Feather pillows provide a natural support to the head with comfort and ease. Feathers can easily take shape and mold when you move your neck keeping it in balance. It also helps in relieving the pressure points due to its soft touch and helps healthy blood circulation around face and shoulders. Feather pillows come with one drawback as they tend to lose shape after time and especially after wash. Make sure to switch with the new one as soon as the pillow loses its touch.

Latex Pillows

Latex pillows are also commonly used by side sleepers due to their comfort and good support. These pillows are better option for those who want to keep their heads high if compared to feather or down pillows due to their firmer outcome. Use of latex pillows can prevent posture or head/neck pains. The drawback comes with price as they are considered as expensive if compared to feather, down or polyester.

Down or Down Alt Pillow

Down pillow with a combination of gel is also a great option for side sleepers. The cooling effect from gel can keep your ears and neck cool avoiding heat buildup. You can keep your neck and head in balance and enjoys the comfort of down filling at the same time. Down pillows are also inexpensive, durable and easy to care of.


For people who want to avoid allergies, hypoallergenic and inexpensive polyester pillows are better choice than down or feather pillows. The polyester is a cuddly and comfortable filling but also provides thick firmness and adequate support to keep your head, neck and spine in balance. It can also mold accordingly as you move around during sleep providing constant support for your head.

Water Pillows

The best thing about water pillow is its contouring ability as it can easily get into shape of your head and neck to fill the gap between ears and shoulders effectively. An ability to adjust the water level is another advantage that allows users to keep the loft, height and thickness to their liked levels.