The Best Waterbed Reviews

Water beds typically consist of two types, a hard sided and a soft sided, with a mattress that is filled with water. Initially these mattresses were intended to be used for therapeutic purposes, but today they are popular in average households.


Water mattresses appear to be the same as conventional mattresses, but contain several vital elements including a bladder that holds the water. The outer layer of the mattress is made from a strong material such as latex or cotton.

There are then foam rails inside the mattress, which offer support and then the bladder which is filled with water. A safety liner is often the next material, to ensure that if a leak was to happen, the water cannot seep through onto the floor.

How a Waterbed Works

The concept of the waterbed is that as you lay on the mattress the water shifts to accommodate your weight and shape. You will find that this is incredibly comfortable and that your aches and pains are taken care of.

Is it legal

There are many myths surrounding waterbeds, including some that state they are illegal, however, this is untrue. The beds are incredibly comfortable and are recommended for people with back problems.

You need to consider several different aspects when looking at the different styles of waterbed on the market. Waterbeds are not noisy, and you can choose to place a heater in the mattress, but it is not essential. They do not cause sea sickness, and

Do Waterbeds Need a Frame?

Not all waterbeds need a solid frame, and some are soft sided and perfect for your home if you prefer you can place the mattress in an existing regular frame.

Health Benefits

Waterbeds are incredibly beneficial for your back, and if you suffer with nay joint pain you will feel the benefits immediately. This style of mattress is extremely safe and good for your health as no bed bugs can live or thrive on the bed.

If you suffer with arthritis this style of mattress is beneficial, and can also help with scoliosis, alongside other medical issues.

Lifespan and Cleaning

The waterbed can last decades if cared for correctly, and you should make sure that you research how to take care of this mattress correctly. The waterbed can easily last for ten years, without any problems. It is only the bladder that you may need to replace, and this can be done for an affordable price.

You will need to add chemicals to the water inside the bed to ensure that algae does not grow, and clean the outside with a damp cloth. The vinyl must be kept clean, and ensure that it does not crack and leak.


  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Therapeutic sleep
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Durable


  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Costly to heat
  • Bed sheets are hard to find

Full motion waterbed mattress

Sold in Queen sizes, the Full Motion Mattress is a great quality waterbed from full motion to waveless feel. It is roughly of sixty inches in size. The construction is lap seam with a T corner.

Free flow full motion hardside mattress

The Full Motion Hardside is sold in a Queen size of about sixty inches. The covers are high quality vinyl with reinforced edges. It is said to be leak free and can work with wooden hardside waterbed frame. Fill kits make this waterbed easy to be filled or drained. It can last all year.