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Best Mattress Toppers Reviewed 2017


Just like pillows and mattress, comfortable toppers can also help you sleep with comfort at night. Choosing a right topper according to your comfort and lifestyle is a way to add luxury to your sleeping style and to wake up fresh in the morning. Mattress toppers are much cheaper than brand new mattress and designed to provide more comfort to users. They are also available in different types that allow people to buy one that syncs with their sleeping style and comfort needs.

Mattress toppers allow sleepers to add comfort to the mattress that is not comfortable or supportive enough without spending huge amount in buying a new one. In a nut shell, if your mattress is hard enough or uncomfortable, you can add a layer of inexpensive mattress topper to convert your sleeping experience into more comfortable one instead of spending more on new mattress.

Types of Mattress Toppers

Just like pillows, mattress toppers are also available in different materials that allow consumers to choose according to their comfort and health needs. Those who need more support for their joint and back pains, latex or memory foam mattress are a good option. Other consumers who are looking for softer feel, wool or feathers mattress toppers are more suitable. Some of the most popular mattress topper types and their features are listed below.

Latex Toppers

Latex is one of the common types of mattress toppers used in North America. They are popular because of variety they offered as they come in range of density and firmness level that can help users add firmer or softer touch to their bed.


Latex toppers are durable as their longer life span is often praised on online reviews. It is also rated as one of the best toppers for back and body pain relief with almost 30% of users reported ease of pain after using latex toppers. They are also supportive and firmer.


Latex toppers are one of the most expensive types of mattress toppers available in the market. They are also very heavy and hard to carry around. They are also hard to find at local stores as they are mostly sold at online websites that often makes it difficult to return of not satisfied with the product. In most cases, users also complained about initial chemical odor that takes time to disappear.

Price Range

Price often ranges from $130 to $700 with an average price of $220-$240. As the latex mattress toppers are available in different thickness, the price increases with higher thickness.

Wool Toppers

Wool toppers are commonly used on the firm and hard mattress to add softer touch. They are cooler in winter and warmer in winter. The support is often lacking as they are easily compressed but they are rated above average for pain relief.


Wool mattress are known as their above average pain relief potential. They are also durable with no noise when compressed. They are also easy to move on if compared with Foam or Latex toppers. It is also known for retaining heat in winter to provide warmth and absorption of moisture in summer to provide cooling effect.


Price is high if compared to other common types. Users may also have to shake the topper occasionally to get it into shape. Motion isolation is also limited as your movements can disturb your partner in bed.

Price Range

The price is comparatively high that ranges from $120 to $360. The average price is $180.

Gel Memory Foam Toppers

Memory foam or gel memory foam toppers are known for their pain relief potential and above average support and loft. They are made up of memory foam and often a layer of gel to provide cooling effect to users. Memory foam is also known as the most commonly used mattress topper.


Memory foam and latex are commonly known as the best toppers for back and shoulder pain relief. They can also effectively isolate motion which makes them couple friendly. They come in different densities and thickness levels that allow users to choose from a range of options according to their likings. For thinner toppers, weight is not much but thicker toppers are heavy and difficult to move around.


Complaints related to initial odor and heavy weight of thicker memory foam toppers are the major complaints. In thicker memory foam, lighter person can roll over towards the heavier person.

Price Range

The price ranges from $40 to $270 with an average price of $120-$140.

Down/Featherbed Toppers

Down/featherbed toppers are made up of combination of feather and down from goose and ducks. They are among the softest toppers available and usually used on firm mattress to add softness.


Featherbed are very comfortable and soft to use. They are also very light weight that makes them easy to carry. The durability and price is also moderately rated by customers. Initial odor is also not a major complaint unlike latex and memory foam. The topper is also rated high for reducing pressure point discomfort.


Down and featherbed toppers are usually too soft and not good fit for people with weight. They are also not as effective as back pain as latex and memory foam. In some cases, poking quills can create discomfort. They are also not easy to maintain and clean as only dry cleaning is recommended. Down toppers also need constant shaking and fluff to maintain shape.

Price Range

Price ranges from $50 to $400 with an average price of $110-$120.

Fiberbed Toppers

Unlike featherbed/down mattress, fiberbed or down alternative toppers use synthetic material in the form of polyester fiber that provides almost similar softness and comfort.


Fiberbed toppers are among the most inexpensive toppers available in market. They are also effective for back pain relief and relieving pressure point discomfort but not as good as latex and memory foam. Odor issues are also nonexistent while these toppers are also easy to move, clean and maintain.


Their motion isolation ability is limited that makes them unfriendly for couples. Support is also lacking especially if used by obese people. Complaints related to clumps after machine wash are also common. To maintain their shape, constant fluff and shaking is required.

Price Range

They are inexpensive with price range of $40 to $120 and an average price of $60.

How to Use Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are easy to place and use. Just make sure you are buying the mattress toppers of right size according to your mattress as they come in both king and queen sizes. Place the mattress topper at top of the mattress and cover it with your bed sheet. Based on the material used in the mattress topper, it can retain heat or provide cooling effect during night. If you are using mattress toppers that can retain heat, you may feel warmer than what you feel lying on the mattress.

Mattress Topper Reviews

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