Novaform mattress topper review

Novaform mattresses and toppers are manufactured by US based manufacturer, Sleep Innovations. Novaform is commonly known for their mattresses but they also offer few mattress toppers like gel memory foam.

Their toppers have earned above average and positive reviews from the users and rated as one of the top mattress and topper brand in United States. Users can easily find their products on online stores like Novaform is currently offering only memory foam toppers. For featherbed, fiberbed and latex, users have to find other brands.


Most of their toppers are gel memory foam that are made up of memory foam and an outer layer of gel to keep the topper cool during the night. Their products are commonly covered in 100% cotton or Egyptian cotton along with hypoallergenic fiber. Memory foam provides an adequate loft and support to body without sacrificing softness. They are firm and have an excellent pain relief potential as well as an ability to provide relief from pressure point discomfort.


Novaform gel memory foam mattress toppers rated very high for their health benefits. The hypoallergenic cotton covers makes them a good fit for allergy sufferers. Users have also praised them because of their pain relief potential as many people with back, hip and shoulder pains experienced a quick relief after use of novafrom memory foam toppers. The topper provides good support and utmost comfort as it alleviates the painful pressure points that reduce the tossing and turning during sleep. Users reported that they can sleep without waking up in the middle of the night due to body ache and sore ribs. Gel memory foam also provides a cooler feel that ensures deep and healthy sleep.

Some users have also praised their durability and 10 year manufacturer warranty. Users also claimed that they do not sweat anymore during sleep after the use of novafrom gel memory form toppers.


Few customers claimed that nova form mattress toppers are not as firm and supportive as some other brands and often rated them as squishy. One of the major complaints about novaform is the initial odor that in some cases takes a lot of time to fade away especially if the room is without proper ventilation. The smell of chemicals often makes it unusable until it wears off.

Few of their customers are also not happy about their prices as inexpensive but similar brands are also available selling the same quality. People with weight also complained that their products are unable to bear their load as they sink too deep creating back pain issues.

Price Range

Novaform mattress toppers are pricy. For example, their most popular product, Novaform Gel Memory Foam 3 Inch Mattress Topper is available for $173 with discount at Amazon while the original price is $250.

Lifespan and Warranty Terms

Novaform is known for its durability and high quality material in their toppers and mattresses. The warranty they offer is 10 years with a life span of more than 10 years. Returns can be made through their official retailers or online stores.