Pillow Reviews

Choosing a right pillow can become the only difference between a fresh or dull start of the day. Depending on your position during sleep, you can choose between different pillow options available. To make things easier for our readers, we have listed some of the best pillows with a commentary over their best and not-so-good features. As pillows come in different types of materials (feathers, foam, etc) providing different levels of comfort and luxury, you can choose based on your sleep position and comfort needs.

Different pillows work best for different people based on their sleep style. If someone recommends you a good pillow, it may not work for you if he is back sleeper and you are side sleeper.

Latex Pillows

Latex pillows are among the softest options available along with memory foam pillows. Even though, latex pillows are soft but they are also supportive providing good comfort and relief to back/neck pain. Based on the online reviews, satisfaction rating from users is also above average. On average, latex pillows keep their shape for 5 years. This is a best fit for people looking for extra comfort, relief from their neck or back pain and ready to spend more for this.

Price Range: Between $40 and $170 with an average price of $65.


As latex pillows don’t develop hollow spots, they provide excellent support for neck and head providing comfort level and relief to back pain.


Few users complained about the above average price, allergies, heat build-up, and odor of chemical or rubber. Other users also claimed that the heavy pillow is also difficult to carry around.

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Down Pillows

Down pillows are among the most popular as they fit to the needs of all sleep styles. The light-weighted, soft and cuddly option provides comfort irrespective of sleep position. They are made up of insulating soft plumage from duck and geese found under their feathers. It is often a mixture of down and feather but considered down type if filled with at least 75% of down.

Price Range: Between $75 and $190 with an average price of $115.


The structure of down pillows is moldable, soft and cuddly. If dry cleaned, they are durable and very light weight (not more than 2 lbs) to carry around. They also provide an average relief from back and neck pain. Down pillows are liked by all types of sleeping positions (back sleepers, tummy sleepers, side sleepers).


Down pillows are pricy if compared to other types. The firmness is also lacking in most brands. Users complained about use of constant shaking to make it even before use. Cleaning is also not easy as dry cleaning is required.

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Memory Foam Pillow

Memory Foam pillows are known for their pain relief capability, adequate support and soft structure. These pillows are made up of polyurethane spherical open cells (millions in each pillow) filled with chemicals for better density.

Price Range: Between $20 and $70 with an average price of $40.


Memory Foam pillows are considered best fit for back or neck pain relief with many users reported less pain. They are also soft but provide good support to head and neck. Shaking is not required as they don’t develop hollow areas or clump. It is a good choice for back sleepers.


These pillows are not moldable. As loft is high and constant, it is not comfortable for tummy sleepers or side sleepers. Most users complained about the chemical like odor from their new pillows. Few customers also complained about warmness that sometimes is uncomfortable.

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Polyester Pillows

The cheapest option available to users, polyester pillows are made up of hypoallergenic polyester fiber. They are mostly fit for all sleeping positions and provide adequate softness and comfort. It is a good fit for back and side sleepers.

Price Range: Between $10 and $40 with an average price of $22.


They are the most inexpensive pillows in the market. Other than easy to care, these pillows are also odor less. Most of the users rated this type as the most comfortable and easy to use. Shaking is not required to maintain structure.


Durability is not as long as for some other types. They are also soft and cuddly in structure. Some customers complained about lumpiness with time.

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Buckwheat Pillows

Buckwheat pillows are known for their adjustability and supportiveness. They are made up of buckwheat (a fruit) hulls.

Price Range: Between $20 and $80 with an average price of $50.


These pillows earned positive reviews from most users. Most people rated them positively for durability, effectiveness for back pain, support and an ability to mold. They also maintain healthy air flow with no build-up of heat.


Users consider buckwheat pillows pricey and heavy while some others complained about clump. Some customers also complained about the rigid and stuff structure. They are also considered as the noisiest pillows of all. They are also not easy to care as users need to remove hulls before wash.

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Water Pillows

Water pillows are adjustable for firmness and loft as owners have easy control over the amount of water they want to keep in the pillow. Normally, the capacity is 5 quartz with a layer of polyester fiber that prevents water escape. Two common types, Chiroflow and Mediflow, are available but there is not much difference.

Price Range: Water Pillows are easily available for $35 to $50 at Amazon.com.


Water pillows are acknowledged for their pain (neck) relief capacity. There are no complaints about odor or heat build-up from users. It is also firm along with adjustable loft. It is also among the affordable pillow types.


The biggest disadvantage is weight when filled with water. It is also not easy to care with problems like water leakage, refill, etc. Users also need to experiment with the pillow to identify right amount of water for their comfort needs.

Feather Pillows

Feather pillows are affordable, long lasting, durable and soft option for users. Feather pillows are manufactured using duck or geese feathers which make them very soft but often lack adequate support and loft because of it. It is recommended for back sleepers who don’t move around during sleep.

Price Range: Between $18 and $60 with an average price of $30.


Feather pillows are low in price but more durable. They are soft and easy to mold. It is also cuddly which provides soft and huggable structure for users. There are no complaints about heat build-up like other types. They are also among the most light weighted pillows.


As feathers make them very soft, you need to shake them before use to maintain comfort and loft. If compared to latex, they also lacks adequate loft. Few users also complained about poking feather quills. Few others complained about unpleasant odor. Feather pillows are also not firm enough.