Hastens Mattress review

Hastens is among the oldest mattress and bedding accessories manufacturers in the world. The company manufactures wide range of mattresses and bedding accessories that cover all of bedding needs for consumers.

They offer beds with fitted mattresses along with top pad. Some of their popular product lines include Vividus, 2000T, Proferia, Auroria, Luxuria, Superia, Excel, Marquis, Lenoria and Novoria. Their mattresses and beds are known for their craftsmanship.

Hastens Mattress Features

The beds and mattresses are hand-made in Sweden and imported in United States. Almost all the mattress models are innerspring mattresses with an upper layer made of variety of materials like flax- no foam, latex, cotton, wool and horsehair. Most of their mattresses are among luxury or ultra luxury category, one of the reasons of their higher than average prices.

Health Benefits

The beds are designed to provide good pressure point relief and pain prevention but it is rated moderately for health benefits. But one of their prominent features are their cooling and comfortable top layer which allows users to sleep without sweating, tossing and turning resulting in healthy and deep night’s sleep.


The Hastens bed and mattresses are praised for their durability and longer lifespan. In most cases, users only have to replace the top pad after 5 to 8 years. If compared to other popular bedding brands, Hastens mattresses have better lifespan.

The pain relief potential is also rated moderately by users while rating for comfort and luxury is also positive. The company also offers wide range of firmness levels in different models which is another praised feature. In most cases, users report medium firm to soft mattresses firmness.

Another positively rated feature is their motion isolation ability as most customers rated is as couple friendly mattresses. Complaints about initial unpleasant odor or off gassing are also nonexistent which is another plus.

Similarly, there are no complaints about heat retention or sweating problem which makes it a good option for people who sweat during sleep. Most customers find their mattresses quiet as there is no noise reported during movement. To add life, customers need to flip and rotate the mattress regularly.


The mattresses are very thick and heavy which makes it almost impossible for one person to move their mattresses. Some customers also complained that it is difficult to find a retailer in United States that sells Hastens.

But the biggest complaint is about their high price as few customers claimed they are not satisfied with the value they get for paying the premium price. Another complaint is about expensive maintenance and difficulty to find replacement parts.

Price Range

Hastens beds and mattresses are known for their high price. The price ranges from minimum of $3300 to $20000 and even more. The maintenance is also costly as replacement of any part like top pad is also expensive.

Lifespan & Warranty

The manufacturer offers 25 years of warranty on almost all of their mattresses irrespective of price which covers the mattress and springs but it does not cover the topper included.

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