SnugSoft Elite Bed Mattress Cover

SnugSoft Elite Bed Mattress Topper is a product of popular bedding brand, SnugFleece. The topper is one and half inch thick and comes with two 4 inches elastic corner straps to hold the topper at top of the mattress firmly.

The elastic corner straps can extend to accommodate up to 18 inch thick mattress. The wool topper is filled with all organic material and designed to relieve pressure points. It is also designed to keep body cool as it adequately regulates body heat. The weight of the topper is very light with just 6.5 pounds.


The topper is commonly used over memory foam and tempur-pedic mattress due to its heat reduction ability. The wool mattress topper allows users to add a layer of cheaper cool organic fabric over their heat retaining mattress instead of buying an expensive new mattress. For many, the wool topper resolved the sweating issue due to its cooler touch.

Customers also praised its ability to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. It is also covered with polyester fabric that makes it easy to care and machine washable. The topper is also liked by many for its supreme comfort, softness and luxurious feel. There are also no complaints about shifting of wool or a need to shake it to retain shape.


According to one user, the stiff backing is not for side sleepers even when wool is comfortable and construction is good. Few other customers are also not satisfied with the thinner height of the topper.


The SnugSoft Elite Mattress Topper looks like a good option to keep people warm or cool during all 4 seasons. The wool topper amazingly adapts with the changing seasons and provides luxury and comfort to users. It is just 1 and a half inch thick but provides high end comfort to users. It is also very light weight and easy to care.

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