Serta 2.5-Inch Queen Gel-Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Serta made 2.5 inch gel memory foam topper is covered with deluxe 100% Egyptian cotton fabric. The gel infused memory foam is designed to prevent heat buildup and mattress heat retention.

It can effectively distribute the body heat to maintain good temperature around users. The cover is also removable and machine washable. The US made memory foam used is infused with gel memory to maintain optimal sleep temperature to ensure good night’s sleep.

The well made memory foam offers good support and balance that prevent tossing and turning. The queen size topper is 60 x 80 inches in dimensions and weighs 30 pounds.


The topper is rated high for its health benefits. Customers suffering from back, neck and hip pains claimed that they have experienced less pain and improved condition after the use of this topper. The topper is also praised for its comfort and support while few users claimed that the Egyptian cotton cover adds to the luxurious feel of the topper.

For some, mixture of gel and memory foam results in unbelievable comfort. Customers also claimed that it expands immediately to full size after unpacking. The gel beads as outer layer are praised for their comfort, softness and cushioning as it improves sleep quality for most users.


Few customers claimed that it took weeks before the smell completely disappeared. Few customers also complained about heat retention but most customers claimed that they didn’t experience any heat buildup. The topper is rated as too soft by few reviewers.


The gel memory foam mattress topper used modern technology to combine US made premium memory foam with gel beads as outer layer that makes it one of the softest memory foams out there.

It is praised for its comfort, cushion, support, pain relief potential and used successfully by many users as a comfort layer above their firm mattress toppers.

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