Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Are you looking for a foam mattress that gives you a cool feel during sleep? Then the Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze is the right one for you! It is made of a 3-inch gel foam with a 2-inch comfort foam support and a 7-inch high density foam to provide vital base support. It is a mattress with complete versatility that provides not just comfort but also the support to maintain proper body alignment during sleep. It prevents further strains and pains upon waking up.

The mattress is also a great value for your money. Before deciding on getting one, you can have the chance of taking advantage of the 120-day trial. It also has a 20-year limited warranty to answer any factory or manufacturing defects.


Great Quality and Design

The foam mattress served its purpose in providing great comfort and support during sleep. Regardless of the weight of the person sleeping on the mattress, it still provides the same support and does not give-in to the heavy weight.

Its design keeps the temperature of the foam, removing away the heat and preventing sweat during sleep. It also follows on the contours of the body which further allowed comfort and ease during sleeping.


Gives off Poor Smell

Upon opening the items, including its two free pillows, a bad and irritating smell was given off which lasted for a week. In some cases, the smell went off after a month which was very inconvenient and uncomfortable.

Mattress is Too Firm

The mattress was way too firm that even a huge and heavy person does not sink in to the foam. Too much firmness does not give the soothing effect during sleep. Even after months of use, still the mattress was way too firm.

Best Cooling Mattress!

Wishing for a mattress that keeps you cool and comfortable during sleep is never a problem with the Dynasty Mattress Breeze. You will surely benefit a lot from it. It is good for your health and a great value for your money.

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