Sleep Innovations 2-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Sleep Innovations 2-Inch Memory Mattress Topper is a product of popular bedding brand, Sleep Innovations.

This 2-inch full size gel memory foam mattress topper provides ultimate pressure point relief, and helps reduce joint and muscle pain. The mattress topper conforms to body curves and promotes spinal alignment. The topper has gel infused memory foam with advanced sleep technology to provide restful sleep. It not only offers comfortable sleep, but also extends mattress life.

After unpacking, the topper should be allowed to expand and reach its optimum size, for 72 hours. The 100% Egyptian cotton cover of the topper can be removed easily for easy-cleaning. The 2-inch thick topper is available in five different sizes. The topper weighs 19.7 pounds and comes with 10-year limited warranty.


According to one customer, the product is great to sleep on. New customers take one or two days to get used to it but they felt the difference in comfort right from day-one. A customer liked the thickness of gel infused foam.

Another customer said that the topper was extremely comfortable, like the bed was hugging him. The customer also mentioned about the gel that keeps the body cool. Customers recommended the topper to those who want to improve the state of their mattresses.


A customer was disappointed to see the topper without original packaging. The product was damaged from the sides and had a big yellow stain on it.

Another customer reported similar issue of damaged topper. A customer was disappointed because the topper wasn’t as cushioning as he expected. The customer has issues with heat distribution of the topper and its quite expensive too.


Sleep Innovations 2-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper seems to have a great reputation because it gives ultimate sleeping comfort to a large number of customers. The idea of gel infused foam seems works quite well for the customers as it maintains their body temperature while they’re asleep. Although, some customers received damaged mattress toppers but they were replaced by the company.

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