Memory Foam Pillows Buying Guide

Memory foam pillows are perhaps the most popular when luxury in bed is concerned; a pillow with a good density and velocity will support your head and neck to enhance your comfort as you sleep. Pillow options are changing swiftly due to the many pillow brands in the market and the upping technology. Choosing the best pillow is the best thing you can do besides choosing a good mattress to enhance comfort in bed. Given that we spend almost a third of our lives in bed, you cannot underestimate your comfort. This guide shows why you should buy a memory foam pillow and what to consider when buying it.

Why should you buy a memory foam pillow?

Reasons for buying a memory foam pillow vary from one individual to another. Its quality and the luxury it provides are among the reasons most people will go for it. However, the greatest reason why people like it is the aspect of changing shape in response to body heat; the pillow will soften and take the shape of your head to give you ultimate comfort. This is a good feature for people who suffer from neck ache as the neck will be held in one position throughout the night thereby helping them have a relaxed sleep.

Factors you should consider when buying a memory foam pillow

1. Use of the memory foam pillow

Memory foam pillows such as ISO Cool pillow may have a higher price compared with standard pillows; this is due to their high quality. For this reason, the memory foam pillow should be bought for the master bedroom only. Buying will therefore depend on your needs.

2. Affordability of the memory foam pillow

Memory foam pillows differ in price depending on many factors like the size. You are advised therefore to buy the best pillow affordable. You should however note that different shops offer different prices; you should choose the shop with the most competitive prices in the market.

3. Size

The size of the pillow you choose will depend on the size of your mattress. For instance, king size bed sheets, will be accompanied with extra-large pillow cases that will force you to buy big pillows to fit. The standard and the queen size pillows will only have a slight variation in size and can suffice any mattress save for the king size. You may feel the king size pillow is too long and functionless; in this case you can decide to have 3 standard or queen size pillows well spread on your bed. You can purchase pillow cases separately to ensure they match your sheets.

4. Sleep Position

How you sleep is an important factor to consider when you need to buy a new pillow. There will be a pillow variation in people sleeping in different positions.

If you sleep by your back, your pillow should enhance the comfort of your spinal; you should therefore buy a thin pillow that lifts your head just a little bit.

If you sleep by your side, a thicker mattress will be needed to support the head and the neck.

Stomach sleepers should buy very thin pillows to avoid the danger of suffocation.

5. Pillow Filling

Memory foam pillows are your best choice compared to the other pillow fillings like the latex and synthetic down pillows. This is because of their one characteristic of changing form in response to body heat.

6. Pillow Firmness

There is a great disparity in the sizes and the shapes of the memory foam pillows; the pillow you choose therefore should support you easily without necessarily having to be overfilled. It is advisable to have higher density foam if you need more comfort from a memory foam pillow as it is pretty soft and supportive.

7. Pillow Covers

The choice of material used to make the pillow covers will depend on your flavor; memory foam pillows gives you a choice of terry or velour covers which can be unzipped. They therefore do not need a cover and will work best without one. You can however decide to add one yourself. Adding a pillow cover prevents staining of the pillow. The choice of the pillow cover material will depend on how easy the material is to wash and should also enhance comfort.

Tastes and preferences do matter when choosing pillows is concerned; you know what enhances your comfort and should only go for it.

Purchasing a memory foam pillow

With the rising level of counterfeit goods it is advisable to buy your pillow from a reputable and licensed seller; this ensures you only buy first hand quality memory foam products. Cases have been reported of people buying memory foam pillows with latex in them.

Memory foam pillows are normally thought as contour pillows as they are molded in the shape of contours. You can also buy other pillows that are shaped like traditional pillows besides the contours. Since both enhance your comfort, it will mostly depend on your taste.

Most memory foam pillows are associated with complementary products; like the memory foam mattress and the memory foam topper. You should therefore ensure you acquire those products to ensure full comfort. Usually they will work well with other mattresses and toppers but will work best with other memory foam products.

On purchasing the pillow, ensure it is accompanied with a care guide; this helps you care for your pillow to enhance its durability.


The key to good sleep does not depend on the mattress alone; it encompasses the mattress, the mattress topper and most importantly the pillow. The choice of any of the above may influence the choice of the other so far as comfort is concerned. You should therefore be very keen when buying a pillow so you do not compromise your comfort. It is always advisable to ensure you get value for your money. If you follow the guideline well, purchasing a good pillow will not be a bother to you.