How Should I Sleep on a Memory Foam Pillow?

The memory foam pillow is a product of modern technology designed to make sleeping more comfortable than ever. Most jobs today demand strenuous activities and long periods of time sitting in front of the computer causing pain in different areas of the body. Most of the time, the back and neck experience pain after a long day of work.

How to Position Your Pillow

If you are using a memory foam pillow when you sleep, you will feel less pain compared to those who don’t. This pillow conforms to the shape, size, and need of the person’s body when it absorbs heat. When using it, make sure to position the pillow in such a way that the flat side faces the surface of the bed and the curvy side goes right beneath your head. However you sleep – be it on your side or back – wait for around five minutes for the pillow to absorb your body heat. As soon as it absorbs, it “softens” and conforms to the shape of your neck providing maximum support.

How to Position Yourself

Never sleep on your stomach. It will make you tilt your face, therefore, increases pain in the neck. You might end up waking with a stiff neck if you sleep in this orientation.

How to Know Which Memory Foam Pillow is Best to Buy

If you have never tried a memory foam pillow and you want to purchase one, buy from a credible store. There are certain companies that have done extensive research on this material. Buy from them for guaranteed effect. When choosing, press your hand firmly on the foam. A true memory foam pillow will have the pressed area compressed for about five minutes, and then, slowly bounce back to its original form. Also, users encourage to purchase a product with density of five to six pounds.

The memory foam pillow is sure to give great effect on your back and neck. It will make you enjoy sleeping to a higher level.