Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

Have you ever wondered how you can get a deep and restful sleep? Try memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are ideal for all people of all ages, sexes and types. In fact, memory foam mattresses are better than traditional spring mattresses. Not only are they comfortable, they provide specific health benefits for some people.

They conform to the body and distribute a person’s body weight more evenly, which is more conducive to sleeping. To be able to get your money’s worth in buying these mattresses, you need to do a little research and choose your memory foam mattress carefully. This is a guide on how top pick a memory foam mattress.

Check first for the memory foam density.

Memory foam products vary in density. This is measured in pounds, which means higher numbers mean greater density. For instance, a 4-pound density indicates that each cubic foot of that memory foam weighs 4 pounds but a safe choice would range from 3 to 6 pounds.

Choose a 5- or 6-pound density mattress and your bed becomes softer. A lower density mattress won’t last long compared to a high density mattress. However, don’t be surprised if a memory foam mattress will typically weigh more than a spring mattress of the same size.

Decide whether to use a single or double-person mattress.

Another wonderful thing about memory foam mattresses is if you have a bed partner, one person’s movements usually don’t affect the other person. They don’t bounce like spring mattresses but absorb movement. They contain multiple layers of foam, each with a different density, thus the memory mattress can respond to movement and body shape.

A 2- or 3-layer memory foam mattress is ideal but for those who sleep on their side, a softer, 3- or 4-pound memory foam mattress is just great.

This less dense memory foam will conform well to your natural shape because it allows your hips and shoulders to sink deeper. Back sleepers will surely want firmer memory foam, a 4.5- to 6-pound density. You’ll get the firmness that lets you be at ease and allow your body to get a more even support for all areas.

Make sure if you really need a new memory foam mattress, or just a mattress supplement.

If your current mattress is still quite firm and in good condition, try a memory foam mattress topper. They come in a variety of thicknesses and densities. But if your mattress sags, the memory foam mattress pad won’t be very effective.

The support that you get from the memory foam can probably be alleviated by the supporter, but buying a new memory foam mattress should still be the best solution.

Match the right mattress to the right bed

A king-size bed is ideal for someone who is at least 6ft, so it only makes sense to get the right mattress that can allow for both persons to lie down on the bed with hands behind their heads, without touching their elbows.

You know you already have the right mattress for you when you lie down and you can slide a hand beneath the central form of your back. If the hand fits almost effortlessly, it might be too soft; if not, it could be firm enough for you.

You may also add what is called a sprung divan to make the mattress seem softer than a regular divan or the standard average slatted base.

Talk to a chiropractor or doctor to know if a memory foam mattress is right for you.

Your body might not adjust well to a memory foam mattress, so it’s a waste of dollars on your pocket when you don’t ask your doctors first whether your particular body situation fits.

Talking to a doctor might also give you an idea on what brand should you trust in choosing for the right memory foam mattress. It also helps to know whether a doctor is affiliated with a mattress company in the interest of bias and impartiality.

Another important issue you need to consider before considering buy the memory foam mattress is that memory foam can quite cause a bit of heat on your body, making heat retention a specific cause for some people.

However, in some recent surveys, 8% of the memory foam mattress owners report sleeping hot, while 15% report the bed being warm, but the clear majority has it cleared that a memory foam mattress cause no heat problems significant enough not to make the foam unusable.

The most important step: don’t buy it online and try it out for yourself.

You should only buy a memory foam mattress only after trying it out firsthand. Observe how the foam rebounds to know if it’s comfortable enough for you.

Don’t mind the slight smell in a mattress; that goes away after some time. It is important to know that you’re not the only one experiencing a slight smell issue with the memory foam mattress and the off gassing period smell of the foam usually ends after a number of days.

There are also many specific factors that the cause this smell, which include the type of the foam, the sensitivity of a person to certain chemical smell, and the room ventilation. Consider these factors if the smell doesn’t go away after a few days.

You should also take note of a mattress’ box spring underneath, and if you don’t see it, then the mattress might have a bed elavator added to its height.

In summary, memory foam mattresses are better than any other mattress type in owner satisfaction for three main reasons. First they tend to provide above-average comfort and pain relief and secondly they have motion isolation, making them couple-friendly.

Thirdly, their lifespan has better life span than a regular one.It’s probably a good idea to go directly to the stores that you trust and try for yourself the right memory foam mattress that suits you.