TEMPUR Simplicity

The mattress has its own separate line, called Simplicity. It is also made up of Tempur material. The height is 8 inches. The company describes the mattress as clean and simple.

You can choose to order a firm, a medium or a soft one. This mattress combines all the features the company is capable of providing in their products and simplifies them.


Affordable price

Among the other product from the company, this one surely is easy on the budget.

Flexibility in choice

You can choose from a soft, a firm or a medium mattress, which is great.

Guarantee and trial

Although the price is very acceptable, it is still good that there is some insurance on your investment.


Can’t expect much

The product is made for people who want to go easier and not make huge investments. Compared to the other products, you can’t expect a lot from this one.

Smell and heat

There are reports that smell appears. Also heat is being generated during sleeping.

There isn’t a support layer

The Simplicity lacks a support layer, which can lower the comfort quality.

Simple and smart decision in overall!

The mattress covers absolutely its price and there are many satisfied customers. If you are looking for a smart and low-priced solution, this is the one. However, you must consider that it is not the best out there.