Sleep master tight top deluxe review

The Tight Top Deluxe is available in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes. The mattress layers include a seven inch iCoil base with a one inch high density foam. The individual coils in the iCoil base minimize motion transfer. The mattress foam is Centripur-US certified. It is delivered by being compressed in a small box.


One of the most appealing qualities is that it has a five year warranty. It is vacuum packed and rolled up in a box that would save up on shipping costs. The Tight Top Deluxe is a firm yet comfortable mattress. It has the same feel as that of a memory foam mattress with the exclusion of the hotness. It has the right amount of padding for an adult and child alike. It can also withstand a fair amount of pressure and weight.


Although the Tight Top Deluxe is very comfortable at first, it is not as durable as one might have hoped. Within a year it starts to sag a little depending on the level of use of course. The coil springs in the mattress are very prominent even during sleep which hence becomes very uncomfortable. If you are unhappy with this mattress and wish to return it, it is a great hassle because of it voluminous size and the return shipping charges are great indeed.

Not as good as hoped

The Tight Top Deluxe has equal pros and cons. Even though it was crafted for comfort, its coil springs provide great discomfort even while you are asleep. It also loses its shape quite sooner than one might have hoped and sags. Therefore my verdict and suggestion would be to avoid it unless you have no other choice.