Sleep Master 2-Inch Gel Memory Foam Topper

The 2 inch thick memory gel foam topper is manufactured by a popular bedding brand, sleep Master. The topper is available in all 4 major bedding sizes. The memory foam is designed with pressure points relief potential to provide good support to body and to reduce back and neck ache.

It is designed to provide pressure relief to key body areas like feet, hips, head and shoulders. The ventilated foam can also keep a proper air flow around the body to maintain the body temperature. The memory foam is infused with an extract from green tea to keep the odor at minimal level. The dimensions of a queen size topper are 60 x 74 x 8 inches with a weight of 14.4 pounds.


The topper is rated positively for two major qualities, softness and coolness. According to customers, it is among the coolest memory foam options available online. It is also used commonly to add cushion and layer of comfort over hard/firm mattresses. Customers also claimed that if compared to other memory foam toppers, there is not much smell from the new topper. For others, the topper made their lumpy and old mattress new by adding good support and softness. It also adequately cradles the body as many customers praised its pain relief potential.


The topper comes without a cover so customers had to find a suitable cover on their own. According to few customers, the topper loss its support and comfort after few weeks. On the other hand, couple of customers claimed that it is still hot for them.


The memory gel topper is one of few memory gel options without any major complaints of smell. It is also cool and helps people with seating issues. It also helped many in back and neck pain relief while adding a layer of additional comfort and softness at top of mattresses.

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