Sleep Innovations 4-Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper

Offered by a renowned bedding brand, Sleep Innovations, the 4 inch thick dual layer mattress topper comes with 10 years of extended warranty. The made in USA product is designed to provide ultimate comfort and luxury to users. The topper conforms to the body curves and provides better body posture for improved blood circulation.

The two layer topper consists of a 2 inch layer of memory gel at the bottom and 2 inch upper layer of plush down alternative that is covered in stretched-to-fit fabric. The 100% cotton cover is removable and easy to wash in machine. The topper is available in 4 bedding sizes and needs 72 hours to fully expand.


The topper is rated positively for its comfort, support and softness. Customers claimed that they wake up refresh and rested in the morning and can sleep for long hours without tossing and turning.

According to customers, it provides cradle like support and cushions the body curves to provide utmost comfort. Customers with back problems also praised the pain relief potential of the topper as they experienced betterment in their condition. The quality of the cover, foam and manufacturing is also praised as customers also find it durable. Customers also claimed that they haven’t experienced any heat related issues so far.


Few customers claimed that the topper is too heavy and needs at least two people to put on the mattress. Few customers also complained about the alight odor but it mostly wears out in couple of days. Couple of customers also complained that the topper is not firm enough as they sink too deep into it.


The two layer 4 inch thick topper is designed for people looking for ultimate comfort and softness. The combination of down alternative and gel infused memory foam layers provides good support, balance, luxury and cradles the body according to body movement. It is also rated high for pain relief ability and its effectiveness for people with sweating issues.

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