Sleep Innovations 3-Inch SureTemp Sculpted Memory Foam Topper

This 3-Inch Sure Temp Sculpted Memory Foam Topper is offered by one of the popular US based bedding companies, Sleep innovations. The Mattress topper offers better airflow and comfort as compared to ordinary memory foams. The topper has reversible design and medium-soft to medium feel.

One side of the topper provides added airflow and softness because of the Sculpted SureTemp memory foam, while the other side has solid memory foam made with latest SureTemp technology. In this way, either side can be used according to the requirements. The foam is allergen proof and has 3-pound density.

The total product weighs around 23.6 pounds. Apart from preventing discomfort due to pressure points at the back, the memory foam topper also extends the life of mattress by protecting it from dust and stains. The product comes in four different sizes with a limited warranty of 5 years.


Many customers find this product according to their expectations. Some of them mentioned that their hard and uncomfortable beds have become very comfortable because of Sleep Innovations 3-Inch Sculpted Topper. Many customers have been using this item for three months. One customer pointed out that the memory foam topper gave best results on foam mattress, instead of spring mattress. Some customers said that they have not had any backache issue ever since they started using this topper.


Some of the customers received different product than what they saw in pictures. They found the topper heavier and the foam had a firm support. A customer said this model is less dense and has no feel. The customer feels no cushion comfort with this topper.


The 3-Inch SureTemp Sculpted Memory Foam Topper by Sleep Innovations seems to have a good reputation. The topper has proven customer experiences and most of them are good ones. Apart from few disappointments, the topper has received admiration and praises from a large number of customers.

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