Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress

Designed specifically to offer therapeutic support with optimal sleep temperature control for a great night’s sleep. Made in USA, your body contour is gently nestled with proper spinal alignment so you sleep much more soundly.

Made from premium foamed and swirled with cooling gels, this mattress epitomizes the perfect blend of luxury, comfort and support.


Superior comfort

While the mattress is a medium-firm to firm density, it is very comfortable and provides just the right amount of support as it contours the body giving a feeling of being gently cradled. Plus, the enhanced airflow feature ensures a cool and optimized temperature when you sleep.

Value for money

On top of luxury and comfort of the gel swirl memory foam mattress, it also comes at a great value. Priced at 25% less than its competitors and certainly not lacking in quality and comfort, it may be worth looking into.

Reduces backaches and pain

The mixture of gel-infused, air and support foam provides tremendous support and stability while minimizing the impact of your sleep partner’s movements ensuring you a uninterrupted and blissful sleep experience.


Pungent off-gassing odours

Those who have allergies or are sensitive to odours may want to practice caution before purchasing this mattress. These mattresses are vacuum-sealed, as part of Sleep Innovations focus on quality and hygiene and therefore these mattresses has not had a chance to “air-out” resulting in a relatively strong and pungent “off-gassing” odour. Though it is completely safe, it may cause some discomfort and be unpleasant for some.

Great value for a great mattress

This mattress should certainly be considered for its overall high rating on comfort, superior support and overall quality of sleep. Additionally, it’s priced considerably cheaper than its competitors. If you can either tolerate the odours or allocate some time to “air” the mattress till the scent dissipates, this mattress is worth looking into.

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