Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress is manufactured by the British company Silentnight , which is over 60 years in the branch and is believed to be the most reliable UK firm. The product is created from memory foam, using the latest technologies and is described as hypoallergenic.

The interesting thing is that it is treated with probiotics during the manufacturing process, which ensures a long lifespan of the product, while remaining fresh. The probiotic treatment is simply allowing friendly bacteria forms of life into the material, from which the mattress is made. It also includes a 5 year guarantee and comes with a practical cover.


Very comfortable

The technique, used by the creation of the mattress, ensures a really nice experience. You feel comforted and secure, even if not sleeping and just resting during the day.

Reduces pain

Including that the mattress has great comfort capabilities, it also helps getting rid of nasty problems related to pain. Doesn’t matter if they are caused by some accident in the past or just a consequence from a stressful lifestyle, pain is significantly reduced.

It is rolled up when delivered

A common problem is the movement of a new mattress after it is delivered. This one is rolled and very easy to setup.


Issues with durability and construction

Although it is a plus to receive the mattress rolled up, some people find it as not so convenient. It takes around 24 hours to expand after unpacking. The actual unpacking process is difficult for a part of the customers. Another problem is that there is no proper labeling to show which side is up and which down.


There is an issue regarding damp smell coming from the mattress, which you may find unpleasant.


The mattress is also believed to generate heat during the night, according to some opinions.

Mid-class reasonable solution

The overall opinion on the product is good and the price is very affordable. There is also a 5 year guarantee, which makes the mattress a very reasonable solution, if there is no desire for spending a lot of money.