Silentnight 3-Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress

This is another product from the Silentnight manufacturer, which features the same technologies as in the 7-Zone one. It is made from a single layer of memory foam, treated with natural probiotics for outstanding comfort, long lifespan, natural freshness and other effects. The company has over half a century experience in the industry and provides very solid products at a reasonable price. Again it is delivered rolled up, making movement a lot easier and has a 5 year guarantee. The guarantee itself of course takes place only under specific conditions, so be sure to read the policy first.



Taking in consideration the different technology used by this manufacturer, there is a chance that you will need some time to get used. When that happens, you will sleep comfortably, surrounded by the soft memory foam.

Makes pain go away

The softness and comfort of the mattress are proven to provide a certain relief for people with problems related to pain. 5 year guarantee This is a great benefit, because in our modern times making an investment is always risky. Although the mattress is not that expensive, it is still good to have some insurance for your money.


Not well designed/constructed

There are complaints from customers that find the lack of a base layer to provide additional support during the night, as a negative side of the product. The mattress is made of a single memory foam layer, which is soft and comfortable, but doesn’t have much support capabilities.


There is a lot of feedback on the smell that the mattress generates. The chemical smell coming with memory foam products is typical and usually goes away after some time. By this one there are reports that the smell is holding on for a significant amount of time.


The heat is also a usual issue with memory foam products, but most of them generate bearable warmness. With the Silentnight mattress heat is very strong for some customers and it disturbs your sleep.

Mid-priced, mid-quality!

For such amount of an investment, there is nothing more to expect than the company has provided. The mattress has a guarantee and it features a lot of things. The decision is for you to be made, but if you are looking for a mid-class solution, this is a decent one.