Serta iComfort Savant Mattress

This is another product from the iComfort line, produced by Serta. The leading one is the Wellbeing mattress and the Savant comes right after it. It uses the same technologies, but it is more suitable for people that like to sleep on their backs or sides, as it is uniquely soft.

The technology used is Cool Action. It is manufactured by gel memory foam, which provides cooling during the night. As you know, the best sleep is in a cool environment and if your mattress can’t provide it, you simply don’t sleep well. It comes with a 25 year warranty and a 120 day trial.


Comfort and pain relief

This mattress provides comfort at maximum level with the help of the extremely soft memory foam. Although it is super soft and comfortable it also provides a solid amount of support during the night. Pain will also seize to be an issue.

No heat/smell complaints

Serta is one of the few manufacturers that overcame the problem with heat and smell generation. The iComfort product line and especially the Savant mattress just don’t smell. They also keep you cool when you sleep.

Guarantee and trial

The trial provides you the freedom to create a personal opinion of the product. Even if you liked it and kept it after 120 days, it still can be returned depending on various circumstances.


Not good to sleep on stomach

The company states that if you sleep on your stomach, you should consider buying a different product.

Not good for people with back surgery

People that have back surgeries go to bed in a specific way, which is impossible due to the softness of this mattress.

Noticeable partner movement

The mattress is so soft that when you sleep, you can actually feel when your partner moves.

High-class solution!

This is another high-class solution from the iComfort line. If you have the finances and it suits your needs, there is nothing to consider, take it.

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