Serta 3-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Manufactured by America’s well known bedding brand, the 3 inch thick Serta memory foam mattress topper comes with 4 pound of density for ultimate comfort and sleeper satisfaction.

Serta offer its topper in 6 major bedding sizes. The topper is designed to balance support and comfort to relieve pressure points. It help customers in improving their sleep as perfect balance can reduce or eliminate tossing and turning. It eases back pain and helps rejuvenate tired muscles for more energetic mornings. Serta offers 1 year limited warranty for the topper. The dimensions of queen size are 80 x 60 with a weight of 33.3 pounds.


Most customers praised the high density that makes it extremely comfortable and supportive. Few customers claimed that the right balance between support and softness makes their back and neck pain issues resolved. The topper is praised for its pain relief potential. It is also praised for its comfort that results in improvement in sleep for many users. Few customers claimed the comfort level is like they were sleeping on the clouds.


Few customers claimed that they received an underweight topper that weighs less than what was advertised. One customer claimed that it become too hard in winter while others claimed that it is too soft for them. There are also few complaints about smell that took long time to wear off. Few others also question its durability as they rate it too fragile.


The topper is nicely rated for its comfort, size and cut edges that make it a perfect fit on the mattress. It is added as a soft layer over firm mattresses. Even though, there are few complaints about the odor but it is advised in product description to let it air out for at least 72 hours before use.

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