Restonic HelalthRest Memory Foam

The Restonic HealthRest Memory Foam Mattress is a mattress that makes use of some of the latest technology in the industry to provide its user with a comfortable night’s sleep and soothing comfort. In fact, the technology for the memory foam was initially developed for NASA. The mattress is manufactured by Restonic, a company founded in 1938 and which is located in the USA.


The mattress has received acclaim in the level of comfort it provides, with many users stating that it allowed them to enjoy a night of peaceful sleep. This is possible due to the technology used in making the product such as the Outlast technology. This technology not only neutralizes any major fluctuation in temperature, it ensures uniform temperature throughout the mattress.

It is also very beneficial in reducing any pain experienced by the user, as it aligns the spine and ensure the neck remains straight while the user sleeps. Its longevity is another advantage as the technology used ensures that the mattress has a long life. Furthermore, the mattress has also mastered one of the major complaints that users have about mattress; the initial odor. Most users have reported that there was no smell when the mattress was unpacked.


The main problem that has been associated with the mattress is heat retention. This mattress tends to retain a lot of heat which makes it warmer than it should be and can cause an uncomfortable night’s sleep as the person can feel sweaty and hot while trying to sleep.


If you want a reasonably priced mattress that possesses the technology to make your night more comfortable than you ever thought before, then the Restonic HealthRest Memory Foam Mattress is the right one for you. You will be able to attain maximum rest and comfort at a reasonable price with this mattress.