Restonic Comfortcare Select

The Restonic Comfortcare Select Mattress is a mattress that aims to provide the maximum comfort to its users. Its dimensions measure 75 x 53 x 14 inches and it generally weighs around 85 pounds. The top layer of the mattress consists of Restonic TempaGel while each mattress consists of separately wrapped units of foam encased oil. The middle layer of the mattress contains high wire desnity.


The individually wrapped, tempered and zoned coils are present to ensure that there is no stress on your spine and that it will remain aligned. It also helps to reduce or mitigate any effects of motion on the bed, which is a great benefit if the mattress is to be shared by at least two people. In addition, the coil helps to distribute the pressure evenly across the entire body too.

Meanwhile, the middle layer of the mattress is present to provide support and resilience whenever it is required. It also helps to prevent the mattress from sagging which is necessary to ensure longevity for the mattress. The middle also helps out in distributing pressure evenly which can help increase circulation.

The high density foam present on the edges of the mattress is to ensure comfort for the user while also helping in preventing the mattress from sagging. This in turn, as mentioned earlier, will increase the life of the mattress. It also manages to provide a solid base for the mattress.


Customers have complained that the mattress sways too much instead of remaining still. Furthermore, some users have stated that instead of providing relief to their back problems, the mattress only aggravated them. The users even stated that after a few months of use, the mattress started to sag towards the middle, which can be a major problem.


If you are looking for a mattress that aim to deliver the best in terms of comfort and longevity, then the Restonic Mattress is for you.