Novaform Rhythm

The Novaform Rhythm Mattress is a mattress that is designed to not only provide a relaxing night of sleep; it is designed to respond to your every movement to provide the maximum possible comfort.
The top layer consists of gel memory foam while below it lays the DuraTex foam layer. The base layer is 7 inches thick and is present to ensure support and stability to the user. The mattress is 13 inches thick. It is made to last around 20 years and is manufactured in the USA.


The top layer of the mattress contains gel which is present to make sure that the mattress remains cool while continuing to provide support to the user. Meanwhile, the second layer contains DuraTex foam which provides weightless support to the user’s body and reacts to any movement of the body.
The bottom layer provides stability, making sure that you do not have a need to flip your bed. The base layer also helps the mattress to retain and sustain its shape even after being subject to excess weight. The mattress also distributes the weight evenly in order to eliminate any pressure points which result in the person tossing throughout the night and not getting a comfortable night of sleep.


The packing of the product may not be very desirable on some occasions. Users have stated that their mattresses remained warped even after several months. The edges of the mattress may remain curled up and will require some time to become flat again. The mattress may also form an indention where the user sleeps after a few months, which is obviously not ideal for a mattress.


Do you tend to often change your sleeping position? In that case, the Novaform Rhythm Mattress, with its technology allowing the mattress to conform to every sleeping position, is a good choice for you.

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