Night Therapy NuRest mattress

The Night Therapy NuRest is a mattress that is designed to provide the maximum possible comfort for its user. It features the latest synthetic latex technology while also possessing all the attributes and features or regular latex.

The top layer consists of NuRest Latex while the 3 inch second layer is not only heat sensitive, but contains a pressure relief foam that is made of charcoal, natural seed oil and green tea instead of chemical oils. The bottom layer consists of 4 inch high density foam.


The high density foam is designed to accommodate your body shape and adjust accordingly. It does not matter what sleeping shape you prefer; the mattress will accommodate any position. The pressure relief foam is designed to eliminate any pressure points that may be present in the hips, feet, head and shoulders.

It does not contain the allergens that may be found in natural latex. Since the mattress is made of chemical oil substitutes, it also tends to avoid the chemical smell that is associated with most new mattresses. At less than $300, the mattress is definitely worth the reasonable price.


Even though the mattress is able to avoid the chemical smell, users may still find a lingering odor during the first month after their purchase of the mattress. Furthermore, the mattress may sink towards the centre a little, pulling the user towards the middle, which may be a problem if it is used by two people. In addition, the mattress is not one of the more firm ones out there and may be too soft for some of the users.


With a host of benefits at an enviable price, few will regret buying the Night Therapy NuRest Mattress.

It contains the latest in technology to make your life comfortable at a price that is comparatively pretty low.