Night Therapy Grand Memory Foam Mattress

The Night Therapy Memory Grand Foam Mattress is a mattress whose top is made of beige quilted bamboo and is non woven. The first border of the mattress is made of beige quilted bamboo poly jacquard with fiber padding, while the second border is tan quilted poly jacquard and also contains fiber padding. The bed frame is made of steel and comes with a bed skirt and brackets.


The luxury memory foam support is designed in order to enable you to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The 14” steel bed frame allows you valuable storage space underneath your bed, which you can use to keep stuff that you might need frequently. It even contains a special layer that alleviates and eliminates any pressure points that you may have.

Furthermore, the memory foam conforms in accordance with your body, and molds in order to better accommodate your body shape. The mattress remains firm and supportive and does not bend even under a lot of weight. It is pretty sturdy, and does not move when you get in to bed, which is a benefit for people who have to share a mattress.


At over $700, it is one of the more expensive mattresses out there. However, the price is offset by the incredible comfort, relaxation and firmness that this mattress provides. On the other hand, despite the immense price tag, there is no significant increase in the longevity of the mattress. Also, the firmness of the mattress cannot really be adjusted and for some people, it may be too firm. A chemical odor may be present in the beginning when the mattress is purchased.


If you do not mind the price tag, then the Night Therapy Memory Foam Mattress promises to be a good choice.

It may be a bit on the expensive end, but the properties of the mattress are worth the price.