MILLIARD Infused Mattress Removable Non Slip Topper

Manufactured by Milliard, the 2 inch thick gel infused memory foam mattress topper with ultra soft removable bamboo cover and non-slip bottom is designed to provide luxurious comfort and to offer ultimate sleep experience. It is offered in all 4 major bedding sizes.

The topper is also a good fit for allergy sufferers and asthma patients due to it’s naturally anti-micorbial and hypoallergenic material. It also provides orthopedic support for body pain relief and to ensure healthy body position during sleep. It is designed to relieve pressure points that ultimately results in lesser body and back pain. The dimensions of the queen size topper are 78 x 58 x 2 inches with a weight of 18.6 pounds.


The topper received an overwhelming positive response from customers. According to customers, it is cooler than other traditional memory foam toppers. For most customers, it resolved the sweating issue and tossing problems during night due to cooler gel-infused memory foam that keeps cool.

It also comes with back nubs that keep it intact even after months of use. For others, the topper has added a soft and comfortable layer over their hard and firm mattresses without sacrificing healthy body support.

Customers claimed that the topper effectively resolved their body ache and sore ribs issues. The bamboo cover is also rated high for its softness and luxurious feel. All in all, the topper is a cool and soft solution to their firm or heat retaining mattresses.


Negative feedback is very rare but few customers claimed that the price is slightly at higher end. Few other complained about its movement over the mattress while others claimed that the size is little small that what is advertised.


The memory gel topper is a great option to add comfort and cooling touch on top of hard mattresses. The use if gel-infused memory foam and bamboo cover makes it luxurious and cooler to sleep resolving sweating issues. It also cradles the body well and provides adequate support to provide pain relief against body aches.

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