LUCID by Linenspa 12 Plush Triple-Layer Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID by Linenspa 12 Plush Triple-Layer Memory Foam is nicely packaged and comes with a silky fantastic bamboo cover. It provides great support, hugs the body without sinking in even for relatively big adult. Assembly is fast and expansion is done quickly. Price is comparably low but the level of quality and comfort is top notch. It is durable. On the downslide, advertisement seems to be misleading. Density of the foam seems not enough to provide support but still, the mattress is hard as a board. The foam becomes too hot and quite uncomfortable.


Design and Construction

Very well-built product that has good air circulation; it doesn’t hold heat. Provides enough support even for a relatively big guy. The bed is not too firm and has the perfect density foam. The foam hugs the body but does not sink into it.

Assembly and Price

The product is easily set up and expanded fairly quickly. The air out process took only an hour. Price is unbeatable.

Quality and Comfort

Quality and comfort level top notch. No stiff neck, no back pain and other discomfort. The space not slept on and the side which has been slept on for more than a year is unrecognizable. There has been neither hallowing nor change in firmness.



Advertised as soft and doughy but it isn’t. Comes with a 25 years warranty but there are no data and contact information of the company provided at all. After a week and the bed has not fully expanded.

Design and Construction

Foam density is non-supportive of the mattress; a manufacturing defect. Mattress is extremely firm and far from being a plush. After months of use, mattress started sagging; developed dead zones where you sink uncomfortably.

Quality and Comfort

The foam traps heat as if you are in a furnace. After a few months, the mattress shed fibers from the memory foam which cause itching and sneezing. The very stiff mattress is not suitable for small or average sized people.

Could be deceiving!

With only a few months to a little over a year and many negative feedback has already arisen, how could the product last for 25 years?

Where to buy?