Isotonic Ultimate Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Like all other the companies products, this one has been awarded an official certification from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This specific model features 100 percent Visco elastic memory foam, encased in a velour zippered cover that can be removed for the customer’s convenience. Isotonic implements the latest scientific research into their lines and this mattress topper is no exception. If offers all the benefits to provide a restful slumber, reduces tossing and turning, and since it dispenses the body’s weight evenly, it relieves any pressure on the spine or back while sleeping.


The Velour

This material alleviates the heat many people are not fond of that memory foam emanates as it absorbs body heat. It also keeps the pad firmly in place atop the mattress.

Maintains Its Shape

A common complaint about memory foam is it fails to keep its ‘spring’ so-to-speak and its depth dramatically reduces the longer you use the product. This product has been valued for not flattening out.

Back Pain

Many customers are quite pleased with how swiftly this mattress pad relieved chronic back and joint pain because of how it distributes body weight.


Problems With The Zipper

Although the zipper on the cover is there for convenience, it seems some customers experienced difficulty opening and closing the zipper to remove it from the pad.

How Long It Lasts

Some customers were dissatisfied with how long the mattress pad held up before it needed to be replaced. They thought it should last much longer than several months without any rips or tears.


There were various concerns about the size of this memory pad as it was too short to fit a number of queen size beds correctly.

Improvements or Upgrades

As Isotoner does market other products and there were some issues with the zippered cover, if a purchaser has doubts they should certainly do research as another product within the Isotoner brand may be more suitable to their needs.

Where to buy?