How High Should My Pillow Be?

Sleep positions may vary but what matters most is the comfort you experience when you retire for the night. During those nights when sleep seems elusive, you surely have tried topping one pillow over another, tossing away some of the bed stuff, or any similar attempts. All these were desperate moves to at least get a little sleep. Now, you might have asked yourself how high your pillow should be. Or, does it matter? To answer your question, yes, it does.

You should know the right height of the pillow when you sleep to make sure you do not end up having stiff necks, headaches, or any numbness anywhere on top of your body when you wake up the following day. Ideally, your pillow height should be aligned with the rest of your body without any part bending. Below are a few pillow positions to consider when you sleep :

• When you sleep on your back.

Choose a pillow with low to medium thickness/loft. This gives your spinal column a comfortable rest all throughout the night.

• When you sleep on your side.

Have a pillow with medium to high thickness/loft. This promises a neutral height to your neck and you will most likely sleep for longer hours.

• When you sleep on your stomach.

Retire with a thin pillow or no pillow at all. This is to ensure you will have a good undisturbed sleep all night long without cramps or the likes.

It is best that you know the different types of sleep positions and you determine your own style. The least anybody would like is anything that disturbs the sleep or any discomfort brought about by beddings as these things are supposed to serve as rest buddies, instead of a nuisance. Choose the right bedding materials to get you your well-deserved long undisturbed hours of sleep.