Carpenter Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Carpenter mattress topper is 1” thick, twin XL sized and has the basic effects of a memory foam product – including pain relief, comfort enhancing and temperature regulation. The pad comes at a very low price and it can be used not only on a bed, but on sofas and other. If you are not looking forward to spend a lot of money, but still need an upgrade, this is a very decent solution.


Low price

It is hard to find products for that kind of money and still be useful. Even if you are unsatisfied with the product, you don’t have that much of a loss.

Satisfying effect

It can really have an impact on your sleep in a positive aspect. Customers are saying that they don’t feel the springs of their old mattresses and some of them have experienced pain reducing effects.

Can be used as a lot other things

Regular foam used in furniture is not cheap at all. Some creative customers have applied this mattress topper onto chairs and sofas as a replacement of regular foam, saving a lot of money.


Too thin

Yes, the product is cheap, but 1” of foam can’t make such a significant change. It barely provides some buffering, according to customer opinions.

Very strong smell, cheap materials

For this kind of money it is more than obvious that the product isn’t made from first-class ingredients. There is nothing wrong with that, but the downsides are a lot – chemical smell, sheets stick to the foam, becomes flat when lying down and so on.

Dimension issues

There are reports that the actual topper doesn’t meet the size, described from the company.

Performance meets price

For that amount of money you can’t expect something outstanding. As said earlier, it can be applied in a lot of different ways and some people even shared positive feedback on the product’s performance. Again, quality of the product totally meets the price.

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