Brentwood intrigue quilted inner spring mattress review

Having a thickness of approximately seven inches, the Brentwood Intrigue is available in four different sizes; Twin, Full, Queen and Twin XL. For an everlasting support, the Brentwood Intrigue incorporates thirteen and a half gauge tempered steel coils in its mattress. Added plush comfort is guaranteed by its multiple layers of padded upholstery and quilting. It is available for shipping throughout the US and a selected other countries. The mattress is compressed and rolled up for the ease of delivery.


One of the good things about the Brentwood Intrigue is that it is manufactured in USA. Also, the mattress comes with a one year warranty which can be claimed in case you experience dissatisfaction. It comes with easy installation- all you have to do is cut up the packaging and it starts to decompress and inflate into its original size. The lack of its quality is compensated by the amazingly low price.


Even though the Brentwood Intrigue has layers of padding and quilting between the coils and the cover, the springs will poke you in the back when you are tossing and turning to catch a wink. In addition to this, it is not a noise free mattress and the sounds of the springs become quite annoying. Even though it is advertised to be seven inches thick, it does not really feel like it. The thickness feels around five inches or so but definitely nowhere near seven inches.