3″ Lucid topper by Linenspa

The 3 Lucid by Linenspa is a memory foam mattress topper with a 3-year warranty. The pad is 3 inches thick, is 100 percent top quality memory foam, is hypoallergenic and employs open cell technology to retain its firmness as this construction makes the mattress pad more durable. Replacement of this pad via the warranty is solely at the company’s discretion. It covers defects within the pad itself or if liability for a not top of the line product falls on the company. It does not account for wear or alterations in firmness. Imprints of up to 1.5 inches in the pad are considered to be quite normal and will not be covered under the warranty.


The mattress pad is quite dense and since the memory foam is of high quality, it provides a lot of support rather than exhibiting signs of squishiness. The memory foam helps support joints and naturally aligns the spine to reduce back pain. The cool cell methodology works to keep the topper cool despite memory foam absorbing body heat. This technology is also used in another Lucid mattress.


The smell can really bother some people. Some people claim the smell does not dissipate after months of use and couldn’t sleep on this pad. Other models have actual ventilation panels in the pad, but this one does not and it might be too hot for some people to sleep on. It can be quite heavy for people to unpack and place on their mattress. Therefore, portability is an issue.

Improvements, Enhancements

This mattress pad is a great choice to save some money while experiencing all the benefits of memory foam. It also is an excellent alternative for freshening up an old mattress rather than purchasing a new one, but as with any product, there are pros and cons. As always personal preferences must come to the fore and if moving this mattress or odor is a large concern, a smaller pad may be the answer.

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