3.3 Cloud9 3 Inch 100% Visco Elastic Topper

This is a full-sized, 3.3″ thick mattress topper produced by Cloud9. It is manufactured with the help of new elastic memory foam formula that provides the ideal sleeping surface. It is also referred as the “featherlight sleep system”. The formula regulates temperature and aligns your body, which leads to pain reducing effects and a feel of great comfort. Maybe the greatest thing about this one is the twenty year warranty. Yes, you didn’t misread, twenty years guarantee of quality!


Extremely light

You know that moving heavy pieces of equipment around the house can be an unpleasant work. This mattress pad is made very light, to make moving it really easy.

The “cloud” effect

It seems that this mattress topper can turn every kind of bed into a cloud, no matter how old it is or how many lumps it has.

20 years of quality guaranteed

It is just astonishing how confident the company about the quality of their product is. Twenty years is just an enormous amount of time and you are free to return it and get your money back, if something makes you unhappy about the topper.


Heat generation

Complains about heat generation are reported. It makes sleep uneasy and leads to constant tossing and an unpleasant feel.

Too thick and firm

It is a bit thicker than it should be, based on some customer opinions. This makes it firmer and some kind of sheets can’t cover it.

Not lasting memory foam

As with many products made from memory foam, there are reports that it loses its “memory” capabilities after some time.

Twenty years of guarantee!

The main thing that makes this product great is the exceptional guarantee offered from the company. You practically don’t lose anything to try it out and if it turns out that you are satisfied, you can enjoy it twenty years in the future, without any worries that you spent money in vain. Still, you are the one to take the final decision – this is just information that could help you. It’s your call!

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