2.0 Visco2 Ventilated Mattress Enhancer

The product is a type of a mattress topper, manufactured of polyurethane memory foam. It uses the open cell technique, which provides ventilation for an optimal temperature when sleeping. It is 2″ thick with queen-size dimensions. The innovation about this mattress topper is the use of natural ingredients, which is a rare thing to see. The leading feature of the enhancer is the unique ventilation technology, maintaining oxygen levels high, making it perfect for people who can only sleep in a cold environment.


Natural ingredients

You are surrounded by chemicals and synthetic material in these modern times and it is a good thing to see a product with something natural in it.

Low price, stable quality

The money, invested in that product, will surely bring back an effect. Many clients have positive thoughts on the mattress pad. Some sleep better, some experienced pain relief.

Long lifespan

Clients have reported that the pad has a long lifespan. After around 3 years of usage, the enhancer still looks like new.


Chemical smell

The plant-based ingredients seem to not have an impact on the overall performance of the mattress pad, since it has the typical smell after unpacking, which can be dangerous to some people.

Not washable

You can’t dry clean it, nor wash it in a machine at home. The only thing you can do is remove single spots and since it doesn’t come with a protection cover, this could turn into a pretty annoying scenario.

No guarantee

The company doesn’t ensure you of the product quality. There are a lot of negative responses like missing label, different dimensions, non-quality memory foam that doesn’t even meet a single promised effect.

Cheap, but with question marks over quality!

After all, there is an endless range of products, under the name of hundreds of brands, you must simply investigate and choose the right one for you, depending on your thoughts and beliefs. This specific one is a simple mid-class solution that can be a quality one if you have luck and the company sends you a flawless example.

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