Zen Chi 100% Organic Buckwheat Pillow

The Zen Chi Buckwheat pillow is a special type of pillow that has gained significant popularity over the centuries in Japan. It is a completely organic pillow designed in a manner to provide a good night’s sleep with the maximum possible comfort. It consists wholly of home-grown buckwheat which weight between 4-12 pounds, depending on the pillow’s size.


The buckwheat in the hull can easily be adjusted in order to for you to refill it to a level which provides you with maximum comfort. In addition, the buckwheat hulls will adjust according to your body in order to keep your neck straight and prevent you from accumulating any sort of pain. It encourages air circulation which in turn provides cool air to your body, thereby increasing your comfort. Due to the fact that it contains natural buckwheat, this is a good option for people allergic to foam. The relatively low price is a positive as well.


Various people may not be able to adjust to the noise that the buckwheat hulls can make within the pillow, which will obviously lead to a disturbed night’s sleep. Other people have complained that they found the pillow too stiff and hard, depriving them of the comfort they sought. If you are sensitive to smell, then the slight odor of this pillow may be a problem.


With several positives and a few negatives, the Zen Chi Buckwheat Pillow will provide satisfaction to most people in a reasonable price.

Many people have spoken positively about the therapeutic attributes of the pillow, while reserving special praise for the pillow’s ability to adapt according to your neck and shoulders. If you are looking for a combortable pillow at a reasonable price, then this pillow can be a good idea for you.