Z by Malouf Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow

The pillow is known for its therapeutic and versatile features. When in use, it relieves the body from any pain and ache due to its pressure reduction technology. Its ergonomic contour devise aligns just so right to the spine giving ample support according to its curvature towards the head, neck, and shoulders. It definitely gives both the ease and good health promotion when it comes to acquiring excellent sleep and good sleeping position. It also prevents allergies since it is dust and mite resistant and possesses anti-microbial features. The standard sized pillow comes with a removable and washable cover which is so soft and smooth. It is made of velour which is of good quality. The pillow gives this cooling effect that maintains the temperature throughout your sleep.


Great Ergonomic Design

The excellent contour design provided much comfort and treatment for some sleeping problems. It promotes proper sleeping position relieving further pains in some body parts particularly the neck, back, and shoulders. In some cases, snoring was alleviated when this pillow was used. Regardless if you’re sleeping on your side or back, you will still find the comfort that you have been looking for.


Just Hard and Too Thin

The thickness of the pillow is not just perfect for maintaining a good and appropriate positioning of the spine and the neck. It is just too thin and the surface is quite hard giving this painful outcome after using the said pillow. It does not provide the desired effect that it should have.

Perfect Pillow for You!

A pillow that provides the best for your health and packed with excellent features that promote healthy well-being through getting a good quality of sleep in a much lengthier number of hours. Grab yourself with this one-of-a-kind pillow and experience proper positioning during sleep with well-rested and supported body. Other than that you will also benefit from its anti-microbial properties, preventing any allergies and other problems. The best of all, you can enjoy of the 3-year warranty that goes with the whole set.

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