Trillium Polyester Standard Pillow

The Trillium Polyester Standard Pillow is a pillow that has been designed in order to provide comfort in any sleeping situation. The design of the pillow is of soft support synthetic pillow made up of polyester.

The filling consists of blown gel fiber and 100% polyester fiber. The cover is made of 100% cotton. You can machine wash the pillow and dry it. The standard size of the pillow is 20” x 26”. It is an alternative to the feather and soft down pillows.


Due to the gel fiber present in the pillow, it will adjust according to your body shape, aiming to increase your comfort as much as possible. Despite this, the pillows are claimed to remain firm and supportive. The 230 thread cover allows the pillow to be more durable and long lasting as well.

At less than $30, it is a solid and affordable choice for a luxury pillow. Due to its malleability, you can easily sink your head into the pillow and enjoy a night of relaxing sleep. No matter what position you prefer, this pillow will ensure you remain comfortable.


The pillow has been labeled as lumpy by some of the users. Meanwhile, another criticism of the pillow is that it is flat and does not provide enough support as required. Some of the people believe that the stuffing it too full which makes the pillow puffy and high. However, removing the stuffing (which is a pretty easy process), you can easily decrease the filling of the pillow until it suits your needs.


If you are on the lookout for a reasonably priced, yet high quality pillow that promises to provide you with comfort no matter what your sleeping position is, then look no more. The Trillium Polyester Standard Pillow will be a great choice for you.