Sleep Better Slumber Fresh Polyester Bed Pillow

The Slumber Fresh Polyester Pillow is made of cotton and contains a thread count do 400. Furthermore, its cover is also 100% cotton. The pillow is also hypoallergenic, which means there is a lower change of an allergic reaction with this pillow.

It has been filled completely with polyester fiber that has been treated. The standard size of the pillow is 20” x 26” and it weights around 20 Oz. The pillow is machine washable.


The pillow has been filled with RELY™ fiber which prevents the growth of various allergens, including fungus, mildew and molds. This not only helps prevent allergies, it also prevents an odor from developing in the pillow.

With a 400 thread count, this pillow ensures that it will not only be soft and comfortable, it will be durable as well. You can keep fluffing the pillows without them losing their shape and remaining firm. These pillows are also easily affordable with a price tag of less than $15.


There have been a few complaints that the pillows are not as durable or firm as suggested, with some reviewers noting that their pillow was uncomfortable, lost shape and became flat in a relatively short period of time. In addition, this pillow may not provide as much supports as other pillow can, which is also a peeve for its owner.

Hence, for the people who want pillows that can provide support to their neck and back, this may not be the ideal choice. The reason for this may lie in the polyester fiber filling compressing too quickly and hence, resulting in the pillow losing shape.


If you are looking for a comfortable and fluffy pillow on a budget, then the Sleep Better Slumber Pillow will definitely suit your needs.

Apart from a few exceptions, the pillow will remain firm, comfortable and durable over a long period of time.