Pinzon Basics Micro Bead Medium Density Therapy Pillow

The Pinzon Micro Bead Therapy Pillow is a medium deinsity pillow which provides support while the millions of micro beads that are present inside the pillow help it to retain its shape and cradle the neck and head. The cover of the pillow is made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex. Meanwhile, the Velour pillowcase is 30% polyester while the remainder is comprised of cotton.


Although it may seem a bit firm in the beginning, with time (around 10 days or so), the pillow will loosen up which will substantially increase the comfort level. As mentioned above, the micro beads I the pillow adjust according to your neck and shoulders and cradle your neck to bring about the sensation of relaxation.

Meanwhile, the firmness of the pillow is great for those who suffer from neck pain due to their neck not remaining straight while sleeping. You also do not have to significantly fluff the pillow as the micro beads automatically ensure that the pillow’s shape does not deteriorate much. This pillow is not only for sleeping; it can also be used for back support at work, home or even in the car.


If you do not break the pillow in, it may be a bit too firm for your taste as the beads do not give way easily. However, this problem can be cleared up in a few days as the pillow does not remain as firm as when it is new. The man issue that users have had with the pillow relate to its hardness.


If you can wait a few days to let the pillow soften a bit and avail the ample benefits it provides, then the Pinzon Micro Bead Therap Pillow is a great choice for you. At $21, this pillow is well worth the price.