Pillow Form Insert

The pillow form is a pillow which is made from very high quality muslin. Furthermore, it is also filled with one hundred percent polyester fiber. A typical pillow of this type measures 18” x 18”.

These pillows, manufactured by Wawak, tend to contain around fifteen percent more filling than the average pillows made in the industry. These pillows are individually made and each one is made by hand. The pillows are made in the US and are shipped from Los Angeles.


This type of pillow is antiallergenic and hence, is useful for the people who have allergies. The fast shipment is definitely a bonus. Furthermore, they are very soft yet supportive and are also well covered. Special praise has been reserved by the users for the well made inserts which fit perfectly too.

Another positive trait of this pillow is its tendency to retain shape even after being used time and again. The price is one of the biggest draws for this pillow. At less than $6, this pillow is a steal and despite the low price, it tends to function extremely well. Another point to add to the myriad of benefits that these pillows provide is that they generally do not require special treatment for cleaning.


Some users have had complaints about the durability of the pillow. Even though most users found that their pillow retained its shape after constant use, others found that their pillow went completely flat in a short period of time. Others meanwhile found the pillows too thin to provide any support and be truly comfortable.


If you want comfortable pillows at a fraction of the price you would normally be required to pay, then the pillow insert would be a great choice for you. You will struggle to find this much quality at such a low price anywhere else.