Original Bamboo Pillow with Adaptive Memory Foam

The Bamboo Pillow cover consists of 35% bamboo and 65% polyester. The deluxe cover is machine washable with hypoallergenic fabric. The pillow is designed for side sleepers that contour with the movement of user.

The pillow also allows personalizing the level of comfort it provides by offering firmer and softer feel. By patting it down, users can make it a firmer pillow. For softer feel, users can fluff it up. The weight is around 4.5 pounds with dimensions of 34 x 9 x 18 inches.


The response is overwhelming for the pillow. Customers praised the use of shredded memory foam that provides firm support without compromising softness and comfortable. Few customers with head and shoulder aches also testified for its effectiveness as pain relief product.

Some customers even called it pillow of their dreams due to comfort and luxury it provides. The pillow is also adaptive as it contours quickly with movement and shift of sides. Response from side sleepers is almost all positive as most find it better than other options designed for side sleepers.


The pillow is designed for side sleepers but it may also work for back sleepers but it is definitely not for stomach sleepers.

Some others have issues with its big size while few users complaint about the hardness they feel during sleep. Another common complaint is about the smell but it is common with memory foam pillows and fades away with time.


Based on the online reputation, the pillow looks great for side sleepers. It also has great pain relief potential and contouring feature. It is adaptive and supports head and neck in good position for side sleepers to promote healthy sleeping posture.

The support, firmness and comfortable, all are rated positively with very few complaints about small issues like odor or size.

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