Kikkerland Log Micro Bead Head Cushion

The Kikkerland Log Micro Bead Head Cushion is a log shaped pillow which is made of 15% spandex and the remainder is made out of polyester. It has been completely filled with polystyrene. The pillow even exhibits a 3D print shape that resembles a log. Its aim is to provide comfort to your head and neck when you use it. It has been filled with micro beads, and the size of the pillow is 14 by 6-1/4 inch diameter.


The micro beads that are present within the pillow allow the pillow to be squishy when the need arises while they also help ensure that the log cushion remains firm if you require support from it. Not only does it adequately support your head, it also provides substantial support to your neck. Furthermore, the comfortable fabric is a bonus point as well.

Its relatively short size allows it to be portable and hence, can be used during travel too. As it is lightweight, carrying the pillow will not be a cumbersome task either. The comfort level and relaxation provided at the meager price of $13 is unmatched.


A chemical smell may originate from the pillow, which is obviously a nuisance for the owners of such a pillow. However, this smell disseminates over a short period of time (few days at most) after which it will not be a problem. Meanwhile, the seam of the pillow has been said to split by various users, which led to the beads within the pillow spilling out.


If you want a log shaped, comfortable pillow in a very reasonable price, then the Kikkerland Head Cushion is definitely going to be a good choice for you.

It is cheap, comfortable and provides substantial relaxtion to your neck and head.