How Often Should I Flip My Mattress?

Bed and mattress are like salt and pepper – they always go together. Therefore, if you want your most important bedroom furniture last longer, you need to take care of your mattress too. In this case, you must have heard of the importance of flipping your mattress to preserve it.

Here’s the truth: you can give your mattress a longer life span when you rotate your mattress – 180 degrees. This allows the mattress to achieve its maximum usable life while preventing permanent body impression brought by sleeping in the same position every night.

The question is, how often should you do it? Read on to find out.

When can you flip your mattress?

If your mattress is brand new, make sure to flip the mattress every two weeks for the first three months. Eventually, your mattress should be flipped four times a year – with end-over-end and side-over-side rotation. This will minimize sagging of the mattress and at the same time, prolonging its usable life.

Tips in properly flipping your mattress

If you are having trouble remembering when to flip your mattress, here’s a simple trick for you.

Attach a label to each end of the mattress. One side will read “January” or the right side up and the upside down side will read “April.” Then on the other side of the mattress, label the right side up as “October” and “July” for the upside down. This will help you remember that your mattress is due for flipping.

And when it’s time, make sure to treat your mattress as any other furniture – with care. Keep in mind that flipping and rotating your mattress is important to even out any pressure and make sure that there are no sagging areas, making it more comfortable for you.

And if you are able to buy a mattress that says “no flipping requires,” it means that it made of low quality so don’t waste your money on it.